Dear EPIC Members, Poundians and Colleagues,

It is a pleasure and an honor for the Organizing Committee to welcome you to the University of Salamanca for the XXVIIIth Ezra Pound International Conference, “Ezra Pound and the Spanish World.”

We are very grateful for your interest and enthusiasm, participation and support. We are also delighted with the response to the Call for Papers and the papers to be presented over the next days. This is the first EPIC to be held in Salamanca. Indeed, the University of Salamanca is the birthplace and soul of American Studies in Spain. In 1971, ours was the first Department in Spain to introduce American Literature and Studies into the curriculum, under the direction of Professor Javier Coy, a founding father of the Spanish American Studies Association, and in 1983, the department specifically approved the denomination of American and English Literatures. A true Poundian, Professor Coy was the Spanish editor of Cantos 1-LXXXIV.

The University of Salamanca has just celebrated eight hundred years since its foundation in 1218 and we are honored to celebrate this anniversary with all of you. It is the fourth oldest University in Europe and the first to defend Human Rights in the world through the famous Escuela de Salamanca. The University is also linked to Columbus’s voyages to the New World and to the creation of the first Grammar of Spanish Language by Antonio de Nebrija (1492). Over the centuries it has attracted famous writers, musicians, philosophers, and humanists such as Fray Luis de León, Francisco Salinas, Miguel de Cervantes, Saint John of the Cross, Santa de Teresa de Jesús, Luis de Góngora, Francisco de Quevedo, Calderón de la Barca, and Lope de Vega, to name a few. The University of Salamanca is also linked with the first women university students and professors: Beatriz Galindo, Spanish Latinist and scholar, was the tutor of the children of Queen Isabella of Castile, including Catherine of Aragon, the future wife of Henry VIII of England, and Juana of Castile, the future wife of Philip of Habsburg; and her colleague, Lusía de Medrano became the first woman ever to teach classes at a university, when she substituted for Antonio de Nebrija in 1508.

We are delighted to welcome a host of distinguished speakers and poets: Michael Alexander (University of St. Andrews), Maria Luisa Ardizzone (New York University), Massimo Bacigalupo (Università di Genova), Jack Baker (Durham University), Walter Baumann (University of Ulster), Ron Bush (University of Oxford), Mark Byron (University of Sidney), Antonio Colinas (University of Salamanca), Michael Coyle (Colgate University), Giuliana Ferreccio (Università di Torino), Diana Collecott (Durham University), John Gery (University of New Orleans), Juan Antonio González Iglesias (University of Salamanca), Kenneth Haynes (Brown University), Archie Henderson (Houston, Texas), Peter Liebregts (University of Leiden), Tony Lopez (Plymouth University), Jeannette Lozano Clariond (Vaso Roto, Madrid), Akitoshi Nagahata (Nagoya University), Roxana Preda (University of Edinburgh), Caterina Ricciardi (Università di Roma Tre), Jaime Siles (Universidad de Valencia), Ron Smith (St. Christopher’s School, Richmond, Virginia), Hidetoshi Tomiyama (Meiji Gakuin University), Demetres Tryphonopoulos (Brandon University, Manitoba), Robert von Hallberg (Claremont McKenna College), and Stephen Wilson (Universidade de Coimbra), among others. At last count, participants have come from five continents and twenty-four countries for this conference.

The 2019 edition of EPIC focuses especially on the Spanish dimension of Pound’s work, aspects related to Spanish history, literature, art, music, politics, and philosophy, with discussions and textual analysis of his poetry, prose, translations, biography, comparative studies, literary or political influences, letters, and historical matters, as well as Pound’s impact on Spanish, Hispanic, and other writers worldwide.

We want to express our gratitude to the Ezra Pound International Conference for having chosen the University of Salamanca as the venue for this meeting. We are also grateful to the Rector of the University of Salamanca, Prof. Ricardo Rivero, to the Dean of the Faculty of Philology, Prof. Vicente González, and to the Director of the English Department, Ana Fraile. We are very grateful to our students and colleagues who have contributed to the organization for this international event, especially Antonio López, our former Director of the Department.

We thank all of you for attending the conference, for your intellectual generosity, and for your willingness to contribute your knowledge and expertise to a long and lively tradition of scholarship.

Last but not least, besides sharing our research and work experiences during the conference, we would like to encourage you to enjoy the monumental and romantic city of Salamanca. We wish you a wonderful time.

The Organizing Committee EPIC Salamanca, 2019


Ezra Pound International Conference

University of Salamanca